Business coaching and mentoring

Are you using business coaching and mentoring in your business?

If you aren’t then you’re in the minority in the UK and are therefore giving an immediate advantage to your competitors.

The Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) has reported that 90% of UK companies that they surveyed use coaching.  Other independent research found that 68% of companies with less than 500 employees have used a coach in the last 5 years.

The aim of coaching is to provide you – the business owner – with direction, support, guidance and an external view of your business in order to improve business success.  Wouldn’t you like some improvement in your business?

I’ve been coaching since 2004 and have yet to meet a business owner who truly doesn’t want to improve their business.  Some have been a little wary at the start but very soon come to understand the benefits that coaching provides.  Here are a few areas where coaching could help you:

  • Helping you to develop a strategy and direction for your business
  • Keeping you motivated and focused on your goals
  • Providing unbiased feedback on your business from an external viewpoint
  • Developing sales and marketing strategies
  • Helping to develop your team
  • Adding more profit to the bottom line
  • Increasing the value of your business to make it more sellable

All these things contribute towards you – the business owner – having a better future.

If business coaching sounds like something you would be interested in then fill out the contact me and I’ll get back to you for a no-obligation discussion on how coaching will help you and your company.

Click on this link to find out more about how I coach and the costs of coaching.

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