About me

I started coaching in 2004 after a long and successful career in the military and industry.

Leadership in the British military is world class and I learnt a huge amount about leadership in my 20+ years of service and I’m now able to bring that experience to bear assisting my clients.  Some might be surprised to hear that the differences between military leadership and leadership in a business are very similar but it’s true.  Long gone are the days of an officer receiving blind obedience from his men and women; respect and trust has to be earned in exactly the same way as it does for a managing director.

The other thing the military taught me was management – systems, processes, organisation, structure – again, all those things that make a business work successfully.  When I first went into coaching I thought I would draw on my MBA as my key tool for working with businesses.  However, I quickly realised that the principles of systems and processes are the same in all organisations and I have a huge amount of experience to call on when assisting clients with their company management.

After leaving the Services I worked in industry in e-learning.  E-learning – done properly – is a fantastically powerful tool and is, I think, the future for many areas of education.  Like coaching it can be expensive or cheap, depending on the requirement, and I have links back into the e-learning world which I still use today.

In my spare time I enjoy a variety of sports and pastimes in an attempt to keep fit but my passion is flying – particularly gliding.  Gliding is a great way to clear the mind as you concentrate on finding the next bit of invisible lift to keep you airborne.  The feeling of achievement after a flight of 4-5 hours relying on your skills and judgement in finding rising thermals of air is difficult to explain but brings a smile to my face every time.

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