Do you believe in what you’re selling?

Many people think that the product or service is the most important part of making a sale.  Well, yes, it is important but not the most important thing.

The most important part of any sale is your belief in the product/service that you’re selling.

Before a buyer can believe in the product they need to believe in the person selling it – you.  If you come across as someone who doesn’t believe in what you’re selling then they’re not going to buy it – or you.

So, what can you do to increase the chance of making them believe in you?  Here are a few thoughts:

Image, attitude, rapport building and sincerity – four things that come together to make you someone they want to talk to.  Image doesn’t necessarily mean suit and tie so match your clothing to the situation and your prospective buyers.  An open, enthusiastic attitude to both the product and the prospect will get you a long way towards breaking down the sales barriers and making the sale; sincerity and rapport building will then follow naturally.

Product knowledge needs to be absolute; know exactly what it can and cannot do and be ready to demonstrate how it can work in the scenario envisaged by the prospect – in other words know how to put it into context.  Even though you may know all about the product prospects have an uncanny ability to ask questions that completely flummox you; if you get one of those don’t try to bluff your way out; congratulate the prospect on their unique question and promise to get back to them with an answer (then do it!).

Are you there to sell something or to help the prospect solve their problem?  Get on the wrong side of this fence and the fence is just going to keep on growing.

Do you use the product/service yourself?  This can be a real deal breaker.  If you don’t use the product then why should they?  You need to be an enthusiastic and long term user of the product – or have a very good reason why you’re not!

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