It’s still possible to find a niche in a crowded market

Out doing the final Christmas shopping over the weekend I noticed a sign demonstrating that with a little bit of thought you can still find a niche in a market that appears to already be over crowded.

The sign was advertising driving lessons for children aged 11-16.  Now, here in the UK you can’t get a provisional license to go on the roads until you’re 17 (but you can go solo in an aircraft at 16 – go figure!); however, that doesn’t stop you from driving a car on private land at any age.

So, by setting up a driving school on private land you can teach youngsters.  What a great idea.  It’s exciting for the kids; it carries a degree of social responsibility and it’s a new niche.  I have occasionally seen examples of this in the past but they seemed to be government funded schemes.  Integrate the idea into a driving school that teaches adults and you have the start of your sales funnel…

The other interesting thing about the advert was where it was placed – in the hallway just outside the toilet area.  What happens there?  Well, men stand around waiting for their wives to finish in the lavatories; and I would imagine men would be the most likely family member to take up this sort of offer for their kids.  No sure if they planned it that way but very clever if they did!

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