– a great business and management site to visit

I’ve been a ready of the magazine Management Today for a number of years now and find it highly readable (certainly for a business magazine) and really useful for keeping in touch with what’s going on.

The magazine is (at least in my eyes) split into two very different parts.  One part is the ‘Brainfood’ section which has a whole load of short, sharp sections that you can read in a few seconds – a bit like a noticeboard.   Although not formally part of Brainfood I include Howard Davies’ diary in this section – an amusing must read every month.

The other half of the magazine is made up of longer, more thought provoking pieces, some of  which are regular columns and others just ‘one offs’.

The reason why I’m telling you all this is not to get you to go out and buy the magazine but to visit their Web site – – because you can pretty much see most of the magazine online and it’s a real bargain (ie free!).

Well worth bookmarking for a quick peek when day to day stuff is getting boring (just call it research and no-one will question it!).

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