Nigerian 419 email scam and niche marketing

If you own an email address you will undoubtedly have received an email at some point claiming to be from a Nigerian Prince who has millions of dollars stuck in an account somewhere, asking if you can help release it and, for your help, he will give you half his fortune.

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘how do people end up getting caught up in this?  They must be really stupid to believe such a crazy story’.  Well, the truth is the emails are very cleverly focused marketing, aimed at a very small niche market and we might actually be able to learn from them.

Like all of us, the Nigerian scammers have a sales funnel and, like us, they want to maximize the potential of every person that enters the funnel.  Conversely, they do not want to attract people who will waste their time and effort – just like us.

You see, to get any return from a scam like this an unsuspecting person has to be slowly drawn into the game and played like a fish; the aim is to draw them in and then milk them for as long as possible – relieving them of their money along the way.  Trying to rush them will undoubtedly cause them to back away and the time and effort expended is then lost and the scammer will have wasted his time. So, to improve the return on investment the scammers focus on really vulnerable and naïve people – usually the old, the vulnerable and those who are new to the Internet.

As callous as it sounds we should applaud their professionalism and focus to marketing and their understanding of one of the key principles of marketing – focusing on the correct market segment.

Are you being as single-minded and efficient as they are?

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