Why do people buy from you?

Have you thought about why people buy your product or service over others?

That’s actually a bit of a trick question because people don’t really buy your product or service – they buy the benefits that accrue from the purchase.

When selling, many people focus on the features of their product/service when really they should be thinking about highlighting the benefits.  So, when selling try to ensure you separate out the features from the benefits as part of your sales and/or marketing pitch.

Let’s have a look at a few examples:

Feature: The new model has 7 seats and 50% more storage space than the previous model.
Benefit: It meets the needs of the modern Mum doing the school run.

Feature: This product has been tested to full European and American safety standards.
Benefit: This is a well designed product that will keep you and your family safe.

Feature: Each one is wrapped in its own self-seal wrapper.
Benefit: It’s convenient to use and there is no mess or waste.

Feature: Can be ordered in 15 different surface finishes.
Benefit: This appearance of this product can be ordered to suit your preferences.

Feature: All our dresses are made to measure and are made in limited numbers on each colour.
Benefit: It will fit perfectly and you’re highly unlikely to end up at a party with someone wearing the same dress!

Feature: Our fees are 2% lower than average and can be spread over any period between 6 and 12 months.
Benefit: It’s affordable and flexible so will suit your budget.

Feature: These light bulbs last 200% longer than normal bulbs.
Benefit: They’re economical and will save you money.

Have a think about what you sell and write out a list of features and benefits of each one.  Then start consciously using them in your sales talk.  If you can’t think of at least three features and benefits for each one then perhaps you ought to have a re-think about what you’re selling.

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