My Mission:

Your business and personal growth

My mission is to help you and your business to grow in order that you can accomplish the success you deserve.

What I do

My mission is to help you and your business to grow in order that you can accomplish the success you deserve.

We will achieve this by working together to create:

  • A clear Vision, Mission, Purpose for you and your business
  • Strong leadership skills and emotional intelligence
  • A positive climate and culture
  • Robust financial controls and reporting
  • Efficient organisational systems and structure

- using tried and tested business tools, coaching, mentoring and a clear, actionable plan.


Coaching you and your leadership team to embed new and positive change into your organisation.


Providing direction and guidance for those just starting out on their journey into business.


Individual or group training for you and your team.

Successful businesses have two key things in common:

Clarity around what they do, and motivated people.

Using the key enablers of Coaching, Mentoring and Training will create those two conditions within your business.  

It is no accident that the majority of the enablers are focused on you and your team.

People are your greatest single success factor.

Deep down you know you already have what it takes to be successful; all you need is a way of unleashing that potential.

Coaching has the ability to transform your career and your life by allowing you to realise and unleash the value of the knowledge, confidence, and skills you already have which will lead to your success.

So, who do I work with and how?

SMEs – You’ve grown your business from scratch and got to the stage where the business is starting to outgrow you. You’ve had to move away from the familiarity of the front line of your business and you’re now spending time on leadership, management, strategy development and future financial security. You’re looking for a mix of business coaching, mentoring and personal development coaching to ensure your future growth plans are sustainable and profitable.

Mid/Senior management – you’re preparing for that new senior position you’ve always wanted. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you want to get it right. You’re looking for someone who can help you adjust to the new challenges and be a sounding board as you make this new and exciting journey. Or, you’re in the new role and now want to up your game to consolidate earlier wins in preparation for the next stage.

If either of these situations ring true for you then get in touch and we can spend some time exploring what level and style of coaching support would be right for you.

I work face to face or via Zoom so distance is not an issue.

Paul Raisbeck

I'm an ICF Accredited Coach with a wealth of military and business experience which I now use to assist others on their business and personal journey to success.

To find out more details about me please go to the About page.

Paul Raisbeck


High Street Retailer

L&D Director

Paul recently did some coaching sessions for a number of our colleagues who reported back that his sessions were very useful. They said that having the opportunity to discuss and reflect on their actions with someone with great practical experience and completely removed from the situation has allowed them to evaluate how they’ve have acted as a leader in the past and how they might act differently in the future. I'm looking forward to working with Paul in the future. 

Financial Services


I've worked with Paul over the last 3 months having spent too much time on the fence! Working with Paul has opened my eyes up to what I need to be doing, and the direction to take my life and the business. I have never been a big writer but after one particular session, I ended up writing 3 pages about my plans and where I wanted to be in the years to come.This in itself was worth the admission price!  If you want a no-nonsense but caring coach who knows the right questions to ask Paul is your man. The naval references are a treat and really helped with making the right changes.

Contact me today to arrange an introductory session where I will show you how we can create your business and personal growth plan.