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Paul Raisbeck
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Much of my life experience comes from a career in the Royal Navy, the pinnacle of which was command of my own ship.  The military provided me with a huge amount of practical leadership, management and organisational experience which I still use today within my coaching.  

Coming from a military background I’m passionate about people in leadership positions being the best leaders they can be; I see it as their ultimate responsibility to their people and their business because that is the most likely path to a sustainable, healthy, profitable business.

In addition to my naval service I have also worked in the corporate world (primarily involved in the management/delivery of e-learning programmes), achieved two Masters degrees - including an MBA - and been involved in coaching and running small businesses as an owner or director for over 15 years.

I am an Accredited Coach with the International Coaching Federation, EQ-i 2 Facilitator, Fellow of The Institute of Leadership & Management, qualified NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach, and hold a Post Grad qualification in Business and Personal Coaching.