It’s worse than you think…


Some stark statistics from an Investors In People Study:

68% of managers identify as ‘accidental managers’, in other words they had received no training or support in taking on their management role;

71% of employers admitted they don’t train first-time managers;

50% of workers questioned cited a bad leaders/manager as the reason for leaving their job;

80% of workers in the UK say that they’ve felt stress while at work but only 40% of people would trust their manager with a mental health concern.

Some really sobering statistics there.

In addition, the ONS cites inefficient leadership and management as one of the biggest causes of low productivity and that studies have shown a 0.1% improvement in management effectiveness can result in a 10% increase in productivity.

CIPD studies suggest that the average cost of replacing a junior management level employee is around £5000.

“Workload” is a convenient shorthand way to explain stress at work; based on the information above I would posit that workload is actually the secondary cause, and that poor leadership is the primary reason.

As a MD, owner or senior leader in your business, take a moment to reflect and think:

– Are you one of the 71% of businesses that fail to train your junior managers and supervisors?

– Have you yourself ever received any formal training or support in developing your leadership and management skills?

– What sort of climate and culture are you engendering within your business that might be having a positive or negative impact on your people?

– What are the trends in your business regarding turnover of staff and sickness absences (especially around stress)?

– Are your team working for you, with you or against you?

Finally, what are you going to do to resolve any of the points raised above (all can be addressed directly by you within the business)?


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