Some Thoughts to Ponder…

Below is a list of ‘sort-of-random-but-a-bit-connected’ comments that I found on my computer today and which are too small for a stand-alone post but important enough to be brought to your attention.

Are you a tolerant person?

If you are – stop it!  You’re ruining your life!

Only when you stop tolerating the things that happen to you will you start taking control and creating the life you want.


“He who knows the universe and does not know himself knows nothing.”

This is a quote by Jean De La Fontaine, 1679, and is all about emotional self-awareness.  Emotional self-awareness is your ability to recognise your feelings, be aware of how you react to your emotions, and how your emotions impact you and the people around you.

Emotional self-awareness is usually high in successful people and, luckily, is something that can be improved through personal development.


You can never not communicate.

Every time you have any sort of interaction with another person you communicate with them.  We usually think of communication as being verbal but words are only part of the process – things like body language also play a huge part as well as unconscious things such as the way we feel about ourselves.

This is called Emotional Expression and people who have high Emotional Expression are open and congruent in their communication.


“It is the mark of an educated man to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

People who have a high level of independence are able to ask for, or listen to, other people’s opinions but have the strength of character to make their own decision at the end of it, not feeling that they need to do otherwise to gain other peoples’ approval.

People with high independence tend to be self-confident and have good inner strength.  The good news is, if you feel you don’t have high independence at the moment, you can increase it through personal development.


“The more arguments you win, the fewer friends you’ll have.”


Assertive people are those who are able to express their feelings and beliefs openly and stand up to those beliefs - but without becoming aggressive or abusive to others when they do.


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